New pineapple puree recipe

Backed by an ever-present policy of premium quality, FRUITS ROUGES & Co. has improved its recipe, and now offers a new frozen pineapple puree made from pineapples sourced in the Philippines and Costa Rica.

FRUITS ROUGES& Co. has selected MD2 and MG3 pineapples, varieties specifically recognised for their taste qualities. The carefully selected fruits are picked at the perfect level of ripeness in order to preserve the fruit’s bright colour and taste qualities.

Every batch of fruit meets strict specifications, carefully controlled by our teams of professionals.

The FRUITS ROUGES & Co.’s pineapple puree recipe is 100% natural (90% fruit and 10% sugar), with no added flavourings, colourants, thickeners or preservatives. It retains the delicious, fresh taste of the fresh fruit, while ensuring consistent quality throughout the year.

New pineapple puree recipe